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Conference abstracts


EU mobility challenges for the national labour systems

Diego Bunge, Juan Carlos Salazar

Climbing up the ladder? The occupational mobility of highly educated migrants in Spain

Catherine Harris, Anna Gawlewicz, Gill Valentine

Attitudes towards labour immigration: Responses to the increased presence of Eastern European migrant workers in the UK

Marlene Neumann

Circular Migration of Live-ins in Germany – Reinforcing the Segmentation of the Labour Market?

Christiane Heimann

EU mobility challenges for the labour systems in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom

Impact of migration in the country of origin and destination (2 slots)

Irina Boncea

From brain drain to circular migration: evidence from Romania’s medical sector

Sebastian Prothmann

Young men’s socio-cultural indebtedness towards their migrated fathers – Perspectives from adult sons that stayed behind their father’s migration to Europe/USA in Pikine, Senegal

Julien Danero Iglesias, Cristina Stanculescu

Left behind: discourses on migration, migrants and Europe in Cahul, Moldova

Lesleyanne Hawthorne

Comparison of skilled migration policy and outcomes in Australia, Canada and New Zealand

Victor Cebotari

National Integration, Discrimination, Poverty and Social Status of Ethnic and Immigrant minorities in Europe

Olga Gulina

Safeguarding pension rights of the migrant workers in the European Union: Lessons For the Eurasian Economic Union

Daniela Cervinschi

The Impact of the Entrepreneur Condition on Social Mobility and Social Change; Romanian Self-Employed Migrants in the Italian Construction Sector

Sergiu Bălţătescu, Adrian Hatos, Claudia Oşvat

Parents migration and well-being of children left at home: evidence from a Romanian national survey with children 10-13 years old

Measuring migrants’ access on the European labour market: policies, practices and indicators

Bahram Salavati

Institutional Factors Effects on Labour Market Outcomes of Highly Skilled Immigrants; A Multilevel Analysis

Daniela Trifu

Migrant integration in light of intra-state coordination of migration policies in EU27

Nicoleta Carmen Olteanu

Labor Migration Policies in the Baltic Sea and Danube Regions: A Comparative Perspective

Lesleyanne Hawthorne

Australian strategies for the labour market integration of immigrants

Who are the European immigrants?

(2 slots)

Roxana Bratu

Children of Romanian Migrants between “Here” and “There”: Stories of Home Attachment

Annegret Staiger The Case of Sex Work Migrants in Germany
Chris Moreh

Beyond rights and wrongs: Romanian and Hungarian (external) citizens on the British labour market

Yuliya Zadnipryana

Work in a language course for migrants: from integration to marginalization?

Andra-Bertha Sănduleasa

Migration for Work and Family Life. A Case Study on Romania from a Gendered Perspective

Anwar Muhammad

From legal to illegal migration: Perspective of Pakistani’s in Europe (United Kingdome, Norway and Greece)

Sebastian Fietkau

Between Economic and Cultural Threats. Attitudes Towards Spanish, Polish and Turkish Immigrants in Germany