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Ms. Anna Ludwinek - European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound)

Anna Ludwinek joined the Living Conditions and Quality of Life Unit of the EU Agency European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) in May 2008, and has been managing the network of European cities for local integration policies for migrants (CLIP) working on issues related to diversity management, intercultural policies and ethnic entrepreneurship. She carried out research that focused on Eastern European mobility including migration of healthcare professionals as well as labour integration issues. She is a Fellow of the German Marshall Fund Transnational Forum on Migration and Integration. She is responsible for co-operation with the IOM, ILO and other international organization in the area of migration and integration. Currently she is managing a project on migration, labour market and integration policies of third country nationals and is working on the project that looks at the impact of intra EU mobility of public service in host countries.

Anna is a Polish correspondent to European industrial magazine covering social and employment developments in Poland. Before joining Eurofound she spent five years working in Brussels, for a European industry association, Eucomed, representing the interests of medical technology. She was responsible for the management of Governmental affairs, and the liaison with European and international institutions, healthcare and national level policy-makers. Anna holds a Masters in Political Science and a Bachelor degree in International Relations and a MA in Social Applied Research from the Trinity College, Dublin.

Migration, labour market and integration policies – Policy coordination and stakeholders’ involvement for an inclusive European society

As European societies are becoming more diverse in terms of nationality, ethnicity, race and religious beliefs Member States face challenges and possible trade-offs between the application of sometimes restrictive migration policies and policies that attempt to address labour market demands with regard to specific segments of the labour force. The design and the implementation of migration, labour market and integration policies is also a significant factor especially for future integration as well as cohesion of the society. The presentation will aim to shed light on how Member States establish, manage and coordinate policy measures aimed at attracting migrants and integrating them successfully in society. Looking at the policy design and policy implementation social partners are intrinsic part of not only the workplace but are increasingly more involved in a wider societal issues. The research examines to what extend and how social partners are involved in the design and the implementation of different policies. Particular examples of the involvement of trade unions will be investigated. The role of business organisation and ethnic entrepreneurs will be presented. Finally the presentation will provide information on the growing policy issue of EU mobility challenges in terms of impact on host countries with a focus on the impact on the public services both from the perceptive of service providers as well as perspectives and needs of mobile citizens.