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Assistant Professor Sorana Toma

Sorana Toma is Assistant Professor in Sociology at the Grande Ecole d'Economie et de la Statistique (ENSAE) in Paris. Prior to joining the ENSAE, Sorana was a Research Officer at the International Migration Institute (Oxford) working on the project Drivers and Dynamics of Highly Skilled Migration. Sorana completed her DPhil in Sociology at the University of Oxford (2012). In her thesis, "Ties that Bind? Networks and Gender in International Migration.The case of Senegal", she examines the roles played by migrant networks in the international mobility process and in the economic integration of migrants at destination, based on data from the Migration between Africa and Europe project.

Sorana’s research interests include the drivers of international mobility, the labour market trajectories of immigrants at destination, life-course perspectives on migration and the role of social capital in international mobility. She is also interested in the impacts of international migration on origin communities, and the links between political participation and migration.